The Department of National Defense approves and issues on loan, the uniforms worn by Army Cadets. The care and custody of all items of clothing are your responsibility.

The two main uniforms are the dress uniform (for parades and formal activities) and the FTU (Field Training uniform, for regular and field training).

The issued Dress Uniform (DU) (C-1) includes parade boots, socks, pants, shirt, tunic, necktie, and beret. A toque, gloves, and coat can be worn for cold weather.

The issued Field Training Uniform (FTU) (C-5) includes a tunic, pants, t-shirt, Tilley hat, and wet-weather boots.

Once issued your uniform (3 – 4 weeks after joining), you will wear your uniform for all regular training. You are NOT to wear parts of the uniform with parts of civilian clothing unless approved due to extenuating circumstances.

Get your uniform ready the day before you need to wear it. Don’t expect your parents or legal guardian to do your washing, ironing, sewing, or shining for you.

For field training, if you wish to purchase additional items for the field uniform, you are permitted to do so as long as it is the accepted solid green pattern.  DO NOT spend your money on foreign camouflage or CADPAT, as you WILL NOT be permitted to wear it! Refer to the Corps website or ask a staff member if you are not sure what you are allowed to wear.